New Government Program Gives Homeowners In 11 States Solar Panels And Battery Backup At No Cost

Top 5 Reasons To Find Out If You're Eligible For This Exclusive New Program

1. Power bill - You can offset up to 100% off of your electricity bill
2. No money out of pocket - huge savings for nothing down
3. Home value - Solar panels can increase your homes value by up to 17% and sell 20% faster
4. Long term price protection - electricity bills grow 4-10% a year on average
5. New incentives - The new Inflation Reduction Act just passed in August 2022

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How Do I Find Out If I'm Eligible?

Step 1: Click your state on the map to instantly check your eligibility for free.
Step 2: Once you go through the short quiz, you will instantly find out if your area qualifies and how much you will save. Many families save thousands of dollars per year simply by getting solar panels and see a huge increase in property value.

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David Stevenson

Writer and Journalist

David is a Chicago-based writer with a passion for the whole energy transition industry. When he's not writing, he enjoys hiking with his three dogs and thinking of new ways to modernize his home.