Solar Panels are getting hotter for American homeowners, and it is not because of the sunny days. The cost of solar energy is plummeting while the price of grid electricity keeps climbing.

With the increasing improvements in technologies and the big tech companies pushing innovations getting solar panels now, it is better than ever.

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Solar Panels are made in America!

Our photovoltaic solar panels are manufactured in the United States of America, we work with local technicians in your region to deliver and install the solar panels for you at the lowest cost while contributing to the local economy and reducing the carbon footprint.

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“Oh, but solar panels are too expensive”
So is buying a house, but in reality, how does it sound to pay rent all life and get nothing back? Expensive. Installing solar panels, however, it’s cheaper than most people think, and the return on investments can be calculated.

“Solar panel doesn't work at night”
That is correct, but the energy can be stored to be used later. Plus, imagine how much the electricity bill can be reduced by reducing the energy consumption every day during the daytime.

“Solar panels are not good for the environment”
Some people may have spread the rumor and concerns that solar farms leak chemicals into the ground or that solar panel manufacturing is bad for the environment, but these arguments are untrue. Solar panels are made of aluminum, glass, and sand which doesn't enter the ground, and manufacturing is generally clean.

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Testimonials about Solar Panels

Josh Ewing

“We’re actually saving about $150 a month on our light bill from what it used to be. And it was shocking to see one month our bill was only $10. Even in the heat of the summer, it got up to about $45. We love showing off our bill because people don’t really believe it. It’s fun. I love the reactions we get.”

Nicole Daly

“Battery working superbly, fills to 100% on a sunny morning and still running on solar when we went to bed. Exactly what we wanted, highly impressed.”

Bryce Gump

“Absolutely amazed at the efficiency of the panels, generating an average of 46kWh per day which is nearly three times our average daily usage for the same time last year.”

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